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amerique Demenagement

# 36

Akerman 13
Histoires d'Amerique (1989)
(aka American Stories, Food, Family and Philosophy)

Introduced by artist film-maker Ruth Novaczek

Thursday 23rd October 2014, 7pm
ICA cinema

box office

Histoires d’Amerique was shot in New York, conjouring up a specific diasporic context – not dissimilar to that of Woody Allen’s masterpiece Broadway Danny Rose. This may be the new world, but the horror of the old is never far from the surface. Mordant observation and biting cynism rule. After all, the past is all about pogroms and the Holocaust, while the future is all about hard graft, dollars and painful memories of home.

Akerman asked her cast to recreate jokes, fables and anecdotes, culled from real-life testimony, sashaying from the comical to the tragic, interleaving all with slapstick humour as only Jewish New York knows how. As Akerman has said: 'when history becomes impossible to bear, there is only one thing to do: send yourself up and laugh'.

Maurice Brenner, Carl Don, David Buntzman, Judith Malina, Eszter Balint, Dean Jackson, Roy Nathanson

dir. Chantal Akerman, 1989, 92 mins


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# 37

Akerman 14:three films
Schubert, Sacher & Le

Thursday 13th November 2014, 7pm
ICA cinema

box office

Les trois dernières sonates de Franz Schubert (1989)
Alfred Brendel, one of the greatest of all pianists, plays and reflects on Franz Schubert’s last three piano sonatas. As he points out, Schubert can’t have known that he was soon to die, so they probably do not embody the air of resignation and finality future generations have sentimentally insisted they bear. They were however long neglected, all but forgotten, and only in more recent times have they come to be treasured and performed. The repose and wisdom of the maestro, together with the patient observation of one who is no stranger to the idea of the irrevocably lost, of the erasures of history, and of the value of fragile objects passed carefully from generation to generation, is a joy.

Trois strophes sur le nom de Sacher (1989)
The first of Chantal Akerman's screen collaborations with cellist Sonia Wieder- Atherton. Here Wider-Atherton performs Henri Dutilleux Strophes, composed between 1972 and 1986. These are ethereal, at times hesitant, but always lyrical pieces.

Le déménagement (1992)
It is worthy of Beckett: "I should never, never have moved. What got into me? I was happy before. Well, almost. No, mostly I was not. Not good at all. I had to move”. The man in his new home, unable to unpack the many boxes and crates that surround him. His soliloquy is one of indecision, of regret, of a sense of predicament that is inescapable. Through this protagonist, Akerman reflects on the impossibility of making decisions, of the forlorn hope of certainty.


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