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At ICA London 24th June for a week of screenings and events, and then around the country:

Chantal Akerman

No Home Movie

Chantal Akerman - film-maker, artist, writer of texts - devoted daughter of a woman who as a child survived Auschwitz enduring there the murder there of her entire extended family.

Chantal Akerman - maker at the age of only 24 a film cited by many as among the very greatest ever made, that being Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles.

Chantal Akerman - smoker, talker, fierce critic of institutions, cultures of indifference, and the toleration of hate and inequality - and above all the discoverer of a new kind of cinema and beholding.


Chantal Akerman unexpectedly died last year of course, but left behind her an extraordinary body of work. A Nos Amours was lucky to work with her to present the most comprehensive retrospective ever given of her work for single screen (both for cinema and television), and an exhibition that included most of her installation work. What emerged was a picture of endless radical invention and astonishing visual intelligence combined with a profound compassionate nature. Her equal does not spring to mind.

The tragedy of her death at only the age of 65 is still a matter of great sadness to many of us.

Her last film of all, No Home Movie (2015), which was to have been presented in London by Akerman herself, now receives a cinema UK release - beginning on 24th June with the visit of Akerman's friend and long-standing editor Claire Atherton to participate in a Q&A.

Following this, for each screening over the ensuing week there will be other guests offering introductions. Each will offer a contrasting view of this last film by one of the greatest film-makers.

The film itself is a drawing together many of Akerman's perennial themes: the Shoah, loss, dissolution of self, the nature of mother and daughter relationship, indeed the nature of love and affection in general. This is a poignant film, which anyone who has loved and lost will find touches on emotion and experience rarely dwelt on by film-makers. It is a film of powerful and searing honesty that rounds out one of the most brilliant careers in all of cinema.

Full details are given on the ICA web site - here

Confirmed guests include Ben Gibson, Laura Mulvey, Selina Robinson and Ruth Novaczek.

Other confirmed UK dates and venues:

Home, Manchester
24-30 June

Irish Film Institute, Dublin
1-7 July

Bertha Dochouse, London
1-7 July

Cine Lumiere, London
1-7 July

Phoenix, East Finchley
8-14 July

Phoenix, Leicester
15-17 July

The Quad, Derby
19-20 July

Regent Street Cinema, London
26 July

Filmhouse, Edinburgh
2-3 August

GFT, Glasgow 7-8 August


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