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A Nos Amours is running very slowly just now due to Joanna Hogg being immersed in new work and Adam Roberts making some new work and writing up some research materials arising from the Akerman retrospective.

The A Nos Amours blog has occasional new writing that may be of interest - recently Keifer Taylor on Gance's Napoleon and Adam Roberts on subtitled movies - always taken for grated - which is alos a tribute to subtitling legend John Minchinton who died on Christmas day 2016.


Chantal Akerman tribute page - submissions welcome by email to

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A Nos Amours is a collective founded by film-makers Joanna Hogg and Adam Roberts dedicated to programming over-looked, under-exposed or especially potent cinema. A Nos Amours is a moveable feast that goes wherever and whenever opportunities arise. A Nos Amours invites film-makers and others to advocate and present films that they admire or would like to see on a big screen. A Nos Amours  believes in the value of watching film as a shared experience.