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# 31

The Chantal Akerman Retrospective continues

Akerman 12:
Letters Home (1986)

Thursday 18th September, 7pm
ICA Cinema

introduced by Claire Atherton

Atherton is the editor of Letters Home, and Akerman's long time collaborator. She has said that she is "guided by the conviction that time is a cinematic material, a narrative element such as image and sound" (more)


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A Nos Amours continues the retrospective of the complete film works of Chantal Akerman.

On 11 February 1963, Sylvia Plath, poet and author of The Bell Jar, thirty years old, married, with two children, killed herself. Then, in 1975, Aurelia Schober Plath, Sylvia’s mother, published selected letters from her daughter as Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963.

These letters then became the basis for Rose Leiman Goldembergs’s off-Broadway hit: Letters Home. In 1984, this was staged in Paris, directed by Françoise Merle. In 1986 Chantal Akerman directed this film version.

Letters Home is therefore an object passed from a poet to her mother, from her mother to a woman playwright, then to a woman theatre director, and finally to a woman film-maker. This is a remarkable heritage: an object passed from hand to hand, a form of exchange between generations of mothers and daughters, between sisters in spirit.

Hardly seen, but surely a work that elaborates Akerman’s perpetual concern with communication and exchange between mothers and daughters. Moreover, the cast for the Paris production, and for this film version also, are themselves a mother and daughter: Delphine Seyrig and Coralie Seyrig.

dir. Chantal Akerman
France 1986, 104 mins
Digibeta with live subtitles

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# 32

Le Grand Meaulnes (1967)

Alain-Fournier RIP: 3rd October 1886 - 22nd September 1914

dir. Jean-Gabriel Albicocco, with Brigitte Fossey, Jean Blaise, Alain Libolt

Monday 22nd September, 8.30pm - Ciné Lumière (South Kensington)

book here

Introduced by the writer Julie Myerson

On 22nd September it will be 100 years exactly since Alain-Fournier, author of 'Le Grand Meaulnes', was killed fighting on the Meuse in the war of 1914-18. To mark this tragic loss of life, we present the first attempt on film to put the novel that is so beloved of readers, writers and poets on screen. It is the 1967 version directed by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco. This is a delirious, subjective, hallucinatory  cinema experience - not least on the big screen. The fluid camera in playground scenes once seen will never be forgotten. It also a faithful and loving rendering of the book.

Video with English subtitles. No runnable 35mm copy exists.

The Akerman retrospective is supported by the British Film Institute, Wallonie-Bruxelles International and ICA

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Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, sponsored by the National Lottery.




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Sunday October 12th, a Chantal Akerman Day

a mid-retrospective event, including talks, papers presnetaions and screenings, with a keynote address from Professor Griselda Pollock

Call for submissions deadline

28th September

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Akerman & Seyrig on set

Béla Tarr’s


A Nos Amours and Scalarama are delighted to present Béla Tarr’s touchstone of durational cinema – Sátántangó. Four screenings in four cities...

Saturday 6th September, 11am - London
introduced by George Szirtes

Sunday 14th September, 11am - Glasgow
introduced by Anna Batori

Sunday 21st September, 11am - Leeds
introduced by Patrick Jones

Saturday 27th September, 11am - Tyneside
introduced by Elisabetta Fabrizzi

Detail and information here