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Adam Roberts - On Chantal Akerman (ICA blog 19.12.2015)

Adam Roberts & Joanna Hogg: Frieze Magazine, issue 176 Jan/Feb 2016 - homage to Chantal Akerman (registration required)

Adam Roberts & Joanna Hogg: Chantal Akerman: extraordinary artist of the everyday who we will miss for ever (Guardian 8.10.15)

Inspiring Eric Rohmer (1920-2010) / Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux (1688–1763) - radio reading and discussion on Resonance104.4FM FM available on-line

Joanna Hogg - Life in Film (Freize Magazine)

Adam Roberts - Travelling Shots in Chantal Akerman's D'est (aka From the East, 1993)

Angela Martin - Chantal Akerman: A Retrospective (Women’s Film and Television History Network-UK/Ireland)

Adam Roberts - Chantal Akerman: Film-Making as Composing (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - Laugh or Cry: Jewish Humour in Chantal Akerman’s Histoires d’Amérique (ICA blog)

Adam Roberts - 'Le Jour Se Lève' (1938) - Restored (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - Talking of Bela Tarr's Sátántangó (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - Golden Eighties: 'Unfettered Expression' (ICA blog)

Adam Roberts - On Chantal Akerman: Questions About Duration (ICA blog)

Adam Roberts - Chantal Akerman's Les Anneés 80 - A Film About Spinning (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - Chantal Akerman's Toute Une Nuit - To Cleave and Uncleave (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - Dis-moi - a Break-through Work by Chantal Akerman (Huffington Post)

Adam Roberts - On Les Rendez-vous d'Anna (ICA blog)

Interview with A Nos Amours by Peter Thompson (Cinema Nation blog - Cargo Coillective)

Adam Roberts - Planning a Screening: News From Home (ICA blog)

Adam Roberts - Preparing to see Jeanne Dielman (ICA blog)

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video souvenir by Jon Crosland-Mills of La Belle et la Bête screening

video souvenir by Jon Crosland-Mills of Carvival of Souls screening

La Belle et la Bête q&a with Mark Kermode, Sir Christopher Frayling

Adam Roberts - Culture Moi? (

Adam Roberts - on screening War & Peace ( blog)

Joanna Hogg / Adam Roberts interview (Directors UK)

Ella Harris - Political Potentials of Pop-Up Film, ICA blog

Adam Roberts - Revisiting Slow Cinema (ICA blog)

@daveyjenkins review of Frost screening


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